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Aiways France

Corporate website

As part of my position as a UX/UI designer in a company that specializes in development, website design, systems and applications for a variety of companies. I was chosen to lead this project. The electronic car company Aiways wanted us to build a welcome website for the launch of the car in France. The work was conducted in the company's offices in Herzliya in front of the customers who are in Paris.

23126477_192 copy.jpg

The project goals

Since in this project we needed to work remotely with the client who is in France, and with a target audience we had not yet met, the task was quite challenging.


After back and fourth meetings we managed to create the design to their liking, Since we realized after a lot of research that the website should contain mainly image elements, as the main goal of the website is to present the new brand arriving to French, it was necessary to present them with as much visual and textual information as possible in order for them to get to know the brand.

3993615_84546 copy.jpg
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Additional projects

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